Lifelong Learning Platform | LLLP - European Civil Society for Education


General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest body of the association. It defines the annual priorities and objectives of the Platform and its work programme. Headed by the President, its annual meeting is attended by all its members (May/June).

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the administrative body of the Platform. It is composed of up to 9 elected representatives from its member networks. The Committee is in charge of the daily administrative tasks of the association and of the implementation of the work programme adopted by the General Assembly.


Luis Costa, President

Luis Costa represents the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, EfVET. Luis is based in Portugal and was elected President in 2019.

Giuseppina Tucci, SecretaryGeneral

Former Member of the Board, Giuseppina Tucci is now Secretary-General of OBESSU. She is based in Brussels.

Joanna Pankowska

Joanna was Civic Education Coordinator in AEGEE and she is currently based in Warsaw where she works in the human rights sector

Tamara Gojkovic

Tamara is Secretary-General of YEU International since December 2012 and is involved in civil society and youth since 2003.

Jean-Marie Dujardin

Professor at the University of Liège, Jean-Marie Dujardin represents EUCEN, the European University Continuing Education Network.

Susana Pinto Oliveira

Susana represents the European Association for the Education of Adults and works at EAEA member EPATV, a VET school and adult education centre in the north of Portugal.

Oonagh Aitken

Oonagh Aitken is the President of Volonteurope. She has been the Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters, the UK’s leading volunteering charity.

Arja Krauchenberg

Arja Krauchenberg is the President of the European Parents’ Association. She has a background in adult learning and multilingualism.



The secretariat ensures the day-to-day management of the platform.

Brikena Xhomaqi

Director / +32 2 89 32 517

Maria Farruggia

Administrative and HR Officer / +32 2 89 32 517

Andrea Lapegna

Communication and Campaign Coordinator / +32 2 89 32 515

Andrew Todd

Policy and Advocacy Coordinator / +32 2 89 32 516

Pauline Boivin

Project and Policy Coordinator / +32 2 89 32 516

Riccardo Gulletta

Programme Coordinator / +32 2 89 32 515

Martina Gerli

Project and Communication Officer / +32 2 89 32 515

Erika Maria Rodriguez Somlyay

Policy and Projects Assistant / +32 2 89 32 516



Pool of Experts

The Pool of Experts advises the LLLPlatform on selected topics and represents LLLP in external activities.

Sylvie Bonichon has been a member of EURASHE since 2003. She’s an expert in higher education, recognition (especially RPL and VNIFL), mobility, and lifelong learning.

Panagiotis Chatzimichail is currently the Advocacy and Projects Coordinator of YFU’s Global Office, located in Brussels. His areas of expertise include youth (i.e. citizenship, mobility) and education (i.e. LLL, NFE, HE, VNFIL), GDPR, membership and network development.

Gianluca Coppola is an entrepreneur, partner and general manager at Eurocrea Merchant, chartered accountant and auditor. Expert in education and training policies, funds and actions at European level,  he is also founder and president of the European Digital Learning Network (Dlearn)

Etelberto Costa is a former LLLP Steering Committee member. He has got solid experience in eLearning/TEL/digital learning. He is an Ambassador of Epale and member of EU Working Groups for the Future of Learning and ET 2030.

Michiel Heijnen is Vice-President of the ATEE and he works as program manager educational innovation at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. He is an expert in teacher education and -policy, lifelong learning and educational innovation.

Stefan Jankhe led the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) as President, co-founded the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association (ESAA). He was appointed by European Commissioner Tibor Navracsics as an Ambassador for the New Narrative for Europe (NNfE) in 2015. He is an expert in youth, higher education, social inclusion and digitalisation.

Alen Maletić coordinates the global Bridge 47 Network. His background is in comparative education policy and European politics, and his expertise revolves around the interplay of transformative learning, active citizenship and international development.

João Pinto is a PhD candidate studying the global actorness of the European Union. After working in the European Research Council (European Commission), João became the President of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). He is an expert in higher education, mobility and social inclusion.

Maryi Tiido is a former LLLP Steering Committee member and she is an expert in non-formal education and training, as well as in sustainability. She is a former AEGEE Projects and Communications Director.