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logoISCAISCA, the International Sport and Culture Association, is a democratic, non-governmental and not-for-profit umbrella association with 41 European member organisations and 140 member organisations world-wide.

ISCA’s tag line is MOVING PEOPLE. This means we are delivering capacity building and promoting cross-sector collaboration to ultimately increase citizens’ involvement in sport and physical activity. As an international umbrella organisation for sport for all, ISCA has been at the forefront of development and implementation of activities of specific European relevance. This can be seen by our long presence as a reliable partner and financial beneficiary of European Commission co-funded activities.


  • Education
  • Physical Activity for all ages
  • Active and Healthy life-style
  • Moving Europe
  • Cross-sector collaboration
  • Grass roots sport
  • Youth Projects
  • Sport Participation
  • Movement Culture


  • SANTE Sport Action Network Europ
  • MOVE Week 2014 – Flagship event for NowWeMOVE Campaign.
  • MOVE Quality
  • MOVE Transfer
  • EuroVolNet
  • Good Governance in Grassroots Sport
  • ACTIVE Network