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FEDEC is an international network for professional circus education aiming at supporting the development and evolution of training, teaching and creation in the sector.
Its members are professional circus arts training institutions (secondary, vocational, preparatory and higher education) but also national associations, unions, circus hubs or festivals related to circus arts training and education.


  • enrich and develop circus arts education,
  • represent our member schools at both European and international level,
  • strengthen the links between the different training programmes and organisations,
  • promote employability and synergies with the professional sector,
  • facilitate international educational exchanges and European mobility,
  • raise our members’ awareness of the EU’s political agenda,
  • advocate for arts education at European level,
  • raise our sector’s profile.


  • SPEAK OUT – Aiming to prevent discrimination and gender-based violence in the circus arts sector.
  • RIGGERS – Creation of an international community of riggers willing to improve the quality of safety measures in circus schools.
  • COSMIC – A project that explores and develops digital pedagogical contents within schools.