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Eurochild is the leading network of organisations and individuals working WITH and FOR children in Europe. We are striving for a society where all children and young people grow up happy, healthy, confident and respected as individuals in their own right. We aim to bring about positive changes in the lives of children, in particular those affected by poverty and disadvantage. Our network: almost 200 members in 41 countries.

We reach our goal by influencing policies, building civil society capacity, facilitating mutual learning and exchanging practice and research. We are committed to child participation and to actively involve children in different aspects of our work.

Eurochild was established in 2004 by a group of organisations formerly working together in the European branch of the International Forum for Child Welfare. Eurochild works closely with the European Union, as protecting children’s rights is among the EU’s aims and values.

Our 2022-2025 Strategic Framework has four goals, which are:

  1. Make children’s rights a public policy priority in Europe.
  2. Strengthen the community of children’s rights activists across Europe.
  3. Elevate the voices of children and young people, in particular those experiencing disadvantage.
  4. Consolidate the network for improved sustainability and impact.