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EURASHE is the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education that offer professionally-orientated programmes and are engaged in applied and profession-related research within the Bologna cycles.

Members of EURASHE are national associations of higher education institutions and individual institutions, such as universities, (university) colleges and universities of applied sciences, as well as other professional associations and stakeholder organisations active in the field of higher education. EURASHE members operate within and across different national systems whether these are unitary or binary, professional and/or academic.
EURASHE was founded in Patras (Greece) in 1990. It has the status of an international non-profit association according to Belgian law (aisbl) and its Secretariat is located in Brussels (Belgium).


  • Mission of professional higher education
  • Modernising professional higher education within diversified higher education
  • Quality of higher education
  • Research, Development and Innovation


  • EQUIP – Enhancing Quality through Innovative Policy & Practice
  • BEEHIVES – Boosting European Exchange on Higher VET and Employer Involvement in Education Structures
  • BuildPHE – Building PHE Capacity in Europe
  • PROCSEE – Strengthening PHE and VET in Central & South Eastern Europe
  • TACTIC – Through Academic Cooperation Towards Innovative Capacity
  • TEACHEX – Teaching Excellence in Israel