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The European University Foundation (EUF) is a network of more than 80 Universities across Europe. It aims to promote high quality student mobility and accelerate the modernisation of the European Higher Education Area.
An influential advocate for a substantial increase of the quantity and quality of student mobility, the EUF regularly puts forward new ideas, policies and recommendations. The network has a rich history of promoting policy reform and contributing to the further development of the Erasmus programme.
The network’s key activities are designed to build capacity and expertise among administrative and academic staff members, to raise awareness of EU policy goals and actions, and to enable policy dialogue between practitioners, policy-makers and stakeholders. The EUF stands for diversity and social fairness in Higher Education and it acknowledges the role of universities as a key driver for societal change underpinned by academic freedom in both teaching and research.


  • Active citizenship
  • Sustainability
  • Inclusion
  • Quality mobility
  • Employability and entrepreneurship
  • Digital Higher Education

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