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EPAThe European Parents’ Association (EPA) gathers over 26 parents’ associations from 18 countries in Europe and reaches out to more than 100 million parents. EPA works in partnership both to represent and give to parents a powerful voice in the development of education and other policies and decisions around parents and their children at European level. In the field of education, EPA aims to promote the active participation of parents and the recognition of their central place as the primary responsible of the education of their children.


  • Recognition and support for parents as the primary educators of their children
  • Collaboration and partnership between parents, school students, teachers and other stakeholders
  • Active European Citizenship
  • Support and Training
  • Validation of (Parenting) Skills
  • Holistic Approach to Education, Lifelong Learning with focus on Well-Being
  • Cross-Sectorial Cooperation with the Social and Employment Sectors
  • Rights of the Child, Right and Duties of Parents
  • 21st Century Education