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ecnais_logoECNAIS, the European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools, was founded in 1998. It is a non-political, non-confessional, international association for collaboration between national associations of independent schools in European countries.

ECNAIS Supports and pursues the values embedded in a democratic approach to pluralism in the national educational systems, and the respect of the parental choice; promotes the interests of all kinds of Independent education, confessional and lay, whose principles conform to those set out in the Universal Declaration of Human rights; develops political statements that promote the understanding of the values of the independent sector, and improve their acceptance and financial support in national legislation; targets policy makers at an international level by representing the Independent sector at the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, The Commission of the European Union and other international organisations, on matters of common concern, based on an agreed programme; assists current and potential members in their efforts to promote the understanding of the value of a democratic attitude in a plural society.


  • Collaboration between national associations of Independent Schools
  • Exchange of ideas and information
  • Strengthen the European dimension in independent school