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The LLLPlatform is partner in the two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project “IN-QUAL: Imprinting quality to entrepreneurship education”, involving seven partners from six European countries. The project aims to develop the methodology and tools to support the implementation of quality assurance mechanisms within training and work-based learning pathways for entrepreneurship education providers. The actions of the project will be directed to strengthening the entrepreneurial education offer towards more qualitative standards (inspired by the EQAVET system), boosting the transparency and of VET education providers and improving the quality assurance skills of educators and mentors.

Our objectives

Over the last few decades, the idea of infusing entrepreneurship into education has spurred great enthusiasm in light of the myriad of positive effects stated to result from it: from economic growth and job creation all the way to individual growth, increased school engagement and improved equality. EU policies have shown equal interest in entrepreneurship and recently produced a competence framework (EntreComp) to build consensus around a common understanding of the topic. In light of this and of the EQAVET framework, the project seeks to improve the quality assurance in entrepreneurship education and enhance the training offers for VET providers in this sector.

These goals will be achieved through the joint efforts of all organisations involved in the consortium, as well as third parties and stakeholders, through the development of specific tools addressing the needs of the entrepreneurship providers. To this end, the project seeks to develop the following results:

  • A baseline report to highlight difficulties and successes in implementing quality assurance in entrepreneurship education so far, as well as collect relevant data;
  • A common reference framework developed to help future Quality Managers in entrepreneurship education to understand, plan and implement the quality assurance strategy in their organisation; among other resources, the reference framework will include a glossary, practices for an effective engagement of providers and staff as a whole and a strategy to reach out to the right stakeholders;
  • Guidelines aiming at providing the right adaptation of the EQAVET standards and tools to entrepreneurship education;
  • A description of the Quality Manager’s main competences and required skills, as well as training contents;
  • Recommendations for the implementation of the whole system.

Coordinator: Instituto Pedro Nunes – Portugal

Partners: Eurocrea Merchant – Italy; IDEC – Greece; BDF – Netherlands; Effebi Association – Italy; LLLPlatform – Belgium; Civic Computing – UK

Latest results

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