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The Lifelong Learning Platform can provide a valuable contribution to your projects in several ways (advocacy services, state of the art services, consultancy, dissemination and communication, network expertise, liaison with EU institutions, etc.) as a full partner, associate partner or subcontractor.

LLLP is partner in the Bridge project (2023-2025)

The BRiDGE project supports the European Union aim to bridge the gap between  research and policy. To be effective, education policy research and development needs to be  supported by collaboration and critical reflection. The project will address existing gaps between the  knowledge and expertise of Higher Education institution-based researchers, practitioners in civil  society organisations, and policy-makers, that prevent the effective connection of evidence with  policy- making.

The project brings together a collaborative pan-European professional learning community to  support development of competences for policy research.

Coordinator: Education Academy, Vytautas Magnus University/VMU) Lithuania

Partners: European Institute of Education and Social Policy/EIESP, France (lead content partner) , The University of Education, Freiburg (Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg/PHFR) Germany Faculty of Education and Psychology (PPK),  Eötvös Loránd University/ELTE, Hungary , Doctoral School of Human Sciences, Free University Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel/VUB),  Belgium , Institute of Education, University of Lisbon (Universidade De Lisboa/UL), Portugal  and Centre for European Regional and Local Studies (EUROREG) University of Warsaw (Uniwersytet  Warszawski /UW 

LLLP is partner in the ERASMUS CAREERS project (2022-2025)

Erasmus Careers is a three-year long project which seeks to translate the lessons learned during Erasmus+ student mobility into competences, and ensure that competencies gained during student mobility are acknowledged and appreciated on the job, by three target groups: students (or Erasmus+ participants), employers, and higher education institutes. By developing guidelines and publications, a digital self-learning tool, staff trainings, and activities on the topic of employment, the project ultimately aims to establish that competences gained on mobility contribute to the career prospects of Erasmus+ participants.

Coordinator: Erasmus Student Network (Belgium)

Partners: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), Lifelong Learning Platform (Belgium), Tilburg University (the Netherlands), Expertise in Labour Mobility (the Netherlands)

LLLP is partner in the TRANSVAL-EU project (2021-2023)

The project “Validation of transversal skills across Europe – TRANSVAL-EU” is based on a paradox. On the one hand, employers place an increasing importance on transversal skills. Yet, on the other hand, transversal skills are only an implicit part of the existing validation and guidance processes. There is a need to make the validation processes of transversal skills acquired in non-formal and informal settings explicit and to embed the lessons learned in validation and guidance policies. What TRANSVAL-EU proposes is to experiment innovative approaches for the validation of transversal skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL) in five pilot countries – Austria, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Belgium.

Coordinator: Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research through Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalisation – OeAD (Austria)

Partners: Consortium for the validation of competences – CVDC (Belgium), Qualifications and Vocational Education and Training Development Centre – KPMPC (Lithuania), Regional Agency for Active Labour Policies of Umbria – ARPAL (Italy), Lifelong Learning Platform – LLLP (Belgium), European Institute of Education and Social Policy – EIESP (France), Educational Research Institute – IBE (Poland), 3s research laboratory – 3s (Austria), Vrije Universiteit Brussel – VUB (Belgium), Nordic Network for Adult Learning – NVL (Norway), Lithuanian education and science trade union – LESTU (Lithuania), ALL DIGITAL (Belgium), FORMA.Azione (Italy), Chamber of Labour for Salzburg – AK (Austria), Austrian Institute for Vocational Education Research – öibf (Austria)

LLLP is partner in the COMORELP project (2020-2023)

The COMORELP project builds on the existing collaboration framework among key regional actors in Europe, with the view to expanding the partnership and developing a transnational interregional Policy Lab (the COMORELP Policy Lab Platform). The Policy Lab will comprise educational and training organisations and networks and will aim to assist and encourage transnational exchange of know-how in the design development and evaluation of lifelong learning initiatives/approaches integrated within Lifelong Guidance (LLG). It focuses on the role of Lifelong Learning (LLL) to support regional innovation policies that are aimed at socially inclusive economic development with a particular attention to disadvantaged adult groups. 

Coordinator: Jagiellon University (Poland)

Partners: LLLP (Belgium), FREREF – Foundation of European Regions for Research in Education and Training (France), WUP –   Labour office in Krakow, Region of Malopolskie (Poland), CIS – CIS School for business management (Italy), Arcola research (UK) and Boğaziçi University (Turkey)

LLLP is partner in the CHOICE project (2020-2022)

CHOICE aims to develop and test an innovative and collaborative approach to STE(A)M education, complementing existing initiatives to support the reform of school curricula. The project has been designed as a cross-disciplinary, bottom-up process, involving key stakeholders in the design of innovative OERs to be collected in a MOOC, to support a STE(A)M approach in the teaching of STEM subjects.

Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)

Partners: Lifelong Learning Platform (EU/Belgium), Grantxpert (Cyprus), Eurotraining (Greece), Blue Room Innovation (Spain), Liceo scientifico Benedetto Croce (Italy), Grammar school Nicosia (Cyprus), PDEDE (Greece), Institut de Maçanet de la Selva (Spain)

LLLP is partner in the LEAD! project (2019-2021)

LEAD!, specific LEArning Disorders no more! is a project aimed at increasing social inclusion starting with school education and decreasing Early School Leaving (ESL), empowering students with the right competences.

Coordinator: ENFOR (Italy)

Partners: Istituto Comprensivo 2 “Giovanni Paolo II” (Italy), Inspectoratul scolar judetean Iasi (Romania), Universidad De Valladolid (Spain),  Lifelong Learning Platform (EU/Belgium)

LLLP is partner in the FIELDS project (2020-2023)

FIELDS project involves 29 partner organisations from several EU countries. The first meeting with all the partners took place on the 3rd and 4th of February 2020. The project has the purpose of providing strategies and training in the fields of innovation in agriculture and forestry, with particular emphasis on sustainability, digitalisation and bio-economy.

Coordinator: Università di Torino (Italy)

Partners (among others): Lifelong Learning Platform (EU/Belgium), EfVET (EU/Belgium)

LLLP is partner in the KEEP IN PACT project (2019-2021)

The KEEP IN PACT project involves 6 partners from 5 Eu countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Croatia). It kicked off in Paris (France) on the 23rd and 24th of September 2019. The project aims at promoting upskilling in the field of lifelong career guidance services, as well as at developing an innovative ecosystem approach to the management of professionals working together in partnership.

Coordinator: Réseau International Cités des métiers (France)

Partners: Lifelong Learning Platform (EU / Belgium), Universcience / Cité des métiers de Paris (France), Learningdigital (Italy), Municipality of Porto (Portugal), Agency for Science and Higher Education (Croatia)

LLLP is partner in the “INSCOOL” project (2019-2021)

The INSCOOL project (Inclusive Schools) is involving seven partners from five EU countries (Greece, United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium and Spain). It kicked off in London, UK on February 18-20th 2019. The project aims to embed inclusive education principles in schools management in Europe by favouring the emergence of a community of leaders standing for inclusion, consisting of heads of schools, teachers and students.

Coordinator: British Council (Greece)

Partners: Lifelong Learning Platform (EU / Belgium), Obessu – organizing bureau of European school student unions (EU / Belgium), Scotdec – Scottish Development Education Centre (United Kingdom), Asamblea de cooperacion por la paz (Spain), Stowarzyszenie Ekspedycja w glab kultury (Poland), Institouto Ekpedeftikis Politikis (Greece)

LLLP is partner in the Job Bridge project (2018-2020)

LLLP is partner in the two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project “Job Bridge” (2018-2020), involving eight partners from seven EU countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Spain). The project kicked off in Paris, France on February 12-13th 2019. It aims to improve the recognition and the validation of volunteers’ experiences and competences in a way that it could also be valued towards employers. It addresses labour market needs for workers with certified transversal skills as well as the needs of educational providers dealing with volunteers (adult education centers and voluntary-based organisations) to assess their volunteers’ competences and to support their learning paths.

Coordinator: BUPNET, which an adult education provider based in Germany.

Partners: La ligue de l’enseignement (France), Catro (Bulgaria), Lifelong Learning Platform (EU / Belgium), CCUM – Conferenza dei Collegi Universitari di Merito (Italy), Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Cáceres (Spain), Volunteering Matters (United Kingdom), Blinc (Germany)

LLLP is partner in the IN-QUAL project (2018-2021)

The LLLPlatform is partner in the two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project “IN-QUAL: Imprinting quality to entrepreneurship education”, involving seven partners from six European countries. The project aims to develop the methodology and tools to support the implementation of quality assurance mechanisms within training and work-based learning pathways for entrepreneurship education providers. The actions of the project will be directed to strengthening the entrepreneurial education offer towards more qualitative standards (inspired by the EQAVET system), boosting the transparency of VET education providers and improving the quality assurance skills of educators and mentors.

Coordinator: Instituto Pedro Nunes – Portugal

Partners: Eurocrea Merchant – Italy; IDEC – Greece; BDF – Netherlands; Effebi Association – Italy; LLLPlatform – Belgium; Civic Computing – UK

LLLP is partner in the TaMPADA project (2018-2021)

LLLP is partner in the 30-months Erasmus+ KA2 project “tracking and monitoring the progress of adult learners” (TaMPADA), which is involving five partners from five European countries (Greece, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Slovenia). The project kicked off on the 20-21th of November 2018 in Chesterfield, UK and aims to develop an outreach mechanism for tracking and monitoring long-term outcomes of disadvantaged learners’ participation in adult education (AE). The project is the follow up of a previous project called “IMPADA”, that aimed to develop a (self-)assessment methodology for adult education providers on the effectiveness of AE provisions for disadvantaged adult learners while TaMPADA sets out to develop further instruments of measuring the impact and effectiveness of adult education.

Coordinator: Derbyshire County Council  – UK

Partners: PROMEA – Greece;  Folkuniversitetet – Sweden; AZM-LU – Slovenia and the Lifelong Learning Platform – EU

LLLP is partner in the ImproVal project (2018-2020)

LLLP is partner in the two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project “ImproVal”, involving five partners from five European countries (Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia). The project kicked-off in Helsinki, Finland on October 29-30th 2018 and aims to provide a synthesis of the work undertaken in the EU on the validation of volunteering experience. It will do so by bringing together the coordinators of a number of previous validation projects, making known the methods, tools and thinking behind validation of learning in the voluntary sector, in a validation compendium, conducting a small-scale study on the usefulness of validation for volunteers, and by encouraging a dialogue between relevant stakeholders locally, nationally and at European level.

Coordinator: Sivis Study Centre – Finland

Partners: the University of Bamberg – Germany; Edos Foundation – Netherlands; Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organisations – Slovenia and the Lifelong Learning Platform – EU

LLLP is partner in the DIMELI4AC Project (2018-2021)

The LLLPlatform is one of six European partners involved in the Erasmus+ KA2 project “DIMELI4AC – Digital and Media Literacy for Active Citizenship: a tool kit for promoting critical thinking and democratic values”. The project, spanning over two and a half years, seeks to support the development of digital skills among school students aged 10 to 15, thus empowering them to become responsible digital citizens in an increasingly interconnected and digitalized world. More specifically, the project aims at developing, pilot-testing and evaluating a Tool Kit that will support schools in establishing their own Digital Media Literacy Action Plan.

Coordinator: Leibniz Universität Hannover – Germany

Partners: LLLPlatform – Belgium; Antenna Ltd – Cyprus; CCS Digital Education – Ireland; Emphasys Centre – Cyprus; Ellinogermaniki Agogi – Greece

LLLP is partner in the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Project (2018-2020)

The LLLPlatform is partner in the Erasmus+ KA2 ‘CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS’ project, a joint effort for the promotion of coding and STEM skills in primary schools involving six partners from four European countries. Spanning over a 28-months period, the project will focus on robotics as an introductory channel to coding and will seek to facilitate the development of programming and computational thinking skills among primary school students by producing a comprehensive set of tools designed for teachers, parents and policy-makers. The project results and resources will be made available on the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS interactive portal and mobile app.

Coordinator: National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” – Greece

Partners: LLLPlatform – Belgium; Regional Directorate Of Primary And Secondary Education Of Crete – Greece; Private Institute Emphasys Centre – Cyprus; Technological Educational Institute Of Crete – Greece; Hälsinglands Utbildningsförbund – Sweden

LLLP is partner in the Open Your Eyes Project (2018-2020)

The LLLPlatform is partner in the two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project “Open Your Eyes: Fake News for Dummies”, involving seven partners from six European countries, which seeks to improve the digital literacy of adult learners by providing them with tools to identify fake news and fight the spread of disinformation online. After compiling a database of best practices, the partners train adult educators who will in turn deliver “Check IT Out” Labs to willing adult learners. The data and initiatives collected will be available on the project website, together with policy recommendations.

Coordinator: Nikanor – Bulgaria

Partners: OpenEurope – Spain; UPI – Slovenia; ADR Nord-Est – Romania; EU DisinfoLab – Belgium; LLLPlatform – Belgium; DLearn – Italy

LLLP is partner in the COMANITY Project (2017-2019)

The LLLPlatform is partner in the Erasmus+ KA3 ‘Support for Policy Reform’ – Social Inclusion project ‘COMANITY’ of which the kick-off meeting took place on the 26-27th of February in 2018. The 2-year project involving 9 European partners from 5 EU countries will develop a new ‘Community Animateur’ role and training programme, which aim is to bridge the existing gap between marginalised young people and public institutions such as youth services. By acting as a social mediator, the animateur will therefore contribute to the overall improvement of his/her community.

Coordinator: Arcola Research – UK

Partners: Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR) – Spain; Comune di Perugia – Italy; – Greece; Borgorete – Italy; LLLPlatform – Belgium; Docklands Outreach – UK; Mind2Innovate – Greece; Documenta – Spain

LLLP is partner in the DIGIT Project (2017-2019)

The LLLPlatform is partner in the Erasmus+ KA2 “DIGIT” project of which the kick-off meeting took place on 27-28 November 2017 in Warsaw. With partners stemming from seven different EU countries, the project will last for two years and will seek to boost digital competences for a responsible use of online identity. Through this project, the consortium aims at investigating digital identity implications for adults and providing the necessary educational instruments and supporting tools for adult educators.

Project coordinator: INnCREASE (Poland)

Partners: DomSpain (Spain), DLearn (Italy), Platon (Greece), UPI (Slovenia), Inova (United Kingdom) and the LLLPlatform (Belgium)

LLLP coordinates the InnoVal Project (2016-2018)

The LLLPlatform is managing the Erasmus+ KA2 project InnoVal (Innovative Assessment Methods for Validation). InnoVal aims to address the urgent need to offer valid and reliable assessment methods that allow all learners to have a chance at validation, with a special focus on the needs of disadvantaged groups such as refugees and early school leavers. After a needs analysis in partner countries and the collection of cases studies and videos from innovative validation practitioners, the partners are preparing a training programme and OERs which will be available on the InnoVal online learning platform accessible through the project website.

Project coordinator: LLLPlatform (Belgium) 

Partners: Dafni Kek (Greece), EIESP (France), ANESPO (Portugal), EUCEN (Spain), and UCLL (Belgium)

Associated partner: Bertelsmann Stiftung (Germany)

Past projects

– LLL-HUB Lifelong Learning Hub (2013-2016) –

– GR-EAT Guidelines for Recognition: European Advanced Tool (2014-2016) –

– Building Learning Societies (2013-2015) – 

– CB4LLP Capacity-Building for the Lifelong Learning Programme (2012-2014) –