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Erasmusx10 Campaign

In 2017, and ahead of the next Multi Financial Framework negotiations, the Coalition decided to set up a campaign to ask decision-makers for a robust increase of the Erasmus+ budget: ten times more! The #Erasmusx10 campaign is run jointly by the Lifelong Learning Platform, the European Youth Forum, and Eurodesk.

If the suggested increase seems ambitious at first glance, the Coalition recalls that the current budget allocated for Education, Youth and Sports in the EU remains a tiny percentage of the overall EU budget (1.4%). Only 4 million people, i.e. 0.8% of European citizens, are expected to benefit from the programme in the 2014-2020 period. Such an increase of budget would show an important move towards the establishment of a Social Europe and European identity, thus better meeting EU citizens’ high expectations in terms of tangible benefits generated by EU policies and funding. Education is a key driver to socio-economic progress, to the fulfilment of EU2020 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Without prejudice to Member States’ sovereignty on their education systems, such cooperation in the last 30 years has contributed to further exchange of good practices and peer learning opportunities for all stakeholders.

Why 10 times more? More funding can support the following aims:

  1. Widening its access for a truly lifelong learning programme
  2. Strengthen its social dimension for better inclusion
  3. Empowerment of citizens through education
  4. Competitiveness and employment
  5. Quality mobility experience and projects
  6. Effective management and evaluation
  7. Peer Learning, Capacity Building and Exchange
  8. Cross-sector and multilevel cooperation
  9. Education as a driver for Sustainable Development Goals
  10. Internationalising education and lifelong learning systems

We have created a website as main landing point for the campaign, and we are running a petition to ask decision-makers to increase the budget by ten times. So far we have gathered the support of over 50 civil society organisations, and we are being backed-up by the CULT Committee of the European Parliament, various MEPs, and the Director General for Education, Youth, Training and Sports.

Download the campaign cards and spread the word about Erasmusx10!

Download here our concept note for the campaign!
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