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garageErasmus – Call for Ambassadors4EUFuture!

How can we ensure that voice of the European Youth is to be heard in the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE)? The extent to which this voice is heard and represented is without doubt an important hurdle to overcome if the initiative is to prove a success. What is to be done?

garagERASMUS foundation  provide one answer to the question raised above. Through their new project: EUth Pages for Europe, they are aiming to increase the opportunity for young people to get engaged with EU decision making. Offered through a creative process Рit is anticipated that the project will raise awareness and build knowledge on the role of the European Parliament, European values and rights and shaping the future of Europe.

The CoFoE will provide a point of reference from which this aim can be targeted – the idea being to develop a series of activities geared towards affording young people the capacity to have an impact on the direction of the initiative.

Co-funded by the European Parliament, the project will develop a series of local & EU-wide activities to ensure that the Erasmus Generation have an impact on the CoFoE. garagErasmus will assist young people (Ambassadors4EUFuture) from all over Europe to organise local debates to collect their opinions  and expectations for the European Union in a publication, the EUth Pages for Europe, addressed to EU policy-makers.

For a full overview of the project see – here.

Application no later than 24 May 2021.

YEU – Online Living Library with 5 young Europeans

EU started a series of online activities to promote GamifyEU and the European Union. It first kicked this month off with an interactive and didactic webinar., that saw the participation of LLLP amid the panellists. To continue with, YEU decided to base the next activity on the methodology of the human library. For that purpose, they contacted Young People from NGO’s and EU Institutions who are working directly or indirectly to ”Shape the Future of EU” and ”Influencing” others to join them. After a search for the best “books” to offer to our “readers”, we found the right ones. The event was on the 21st of May.

Read the full report here.