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Qualification covers different aspects:
1. Formal qualification: the formal outcome (certificate, diploma or title) of an assessment and validation process which is obtained when a competent body determines that an individual has achieved learning outcomes to given standards and/or possesses the necessary competence to do a job in a specific area of work. A qualification confers official recognition of the value of learning outcomes in the labour market and in education and training. A qualification can be a legal entitlement to practice a trade (OECD);
2. Job requirements: knowledge, aptitudes and skills required to perform specific tasks attached to a particular work position (International Labour Organisation).

LLLAB 22 – Registrations open!

The registrations for the 2nd edition of the Lifelong Learning Lab are officially open!

Under the patronage of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, LLLP will bring this laboratory to Nice, France where we will be discussing “Lifelong learning entitlements for the future of Europe”. Save the date for 30-31 May, where education stakeholders from European and French contexts will come together to stir the new generation of cooperation in education and training.

Dive into this innovative laboratory, explore cooperation between education stakeholders in Europe and in France

More info: https://bit.ly/lllab22
Registration form: https://bit.ly/lllab22reg

The European Qualifications Framework: supporting learning, work and cross-border mobility

In our modern world, people need a higher and broader set of skills to work, communicate, access information, products and services, and take part in social and civic activities.

Under the inputs of civil society and third parties, and upon the thrust of the EU Council revised recommendations on the EQF, the European Commission has now released the revision of the European Qualification Framework for lifelong learning.

We are happy to acknowledge another step forward in the European cooperation, and the peak of an effort that modernises European common reference framework.

Download here the brochure that illustrates the new European Qualification Framework for lifelong learning and the infographics

LLL-HUB Updates Poland

During their stay in Poland, LLL-Hub partners had the chance to participate in the expert debate “Qualifications at the start” which was co-organised by our partner WUP and Krakow Technology Park as part of the Malopolska Day of Lifelong Learning. The debate dealt with three key issues: 1) start-ups and modern business, 2) the role of new technologies (between science and entrepreneurship), 3)  competences and the labour market. Their conclusions, among others, stressed the need for more placements and internships, which support “learning by doing”, based on a strengthened dialogue between companies and educational institutions.

LLL-HUB Updates from Spain

On the 13 of May 2015, 24 national experts participated in the Lifelong Learning Hub regional Forum in Spain, providing concrete policy recommendations for further developments in Lifelong Learning in Spain. Some of the outcomes were the need to simplify administrative procedures for training systems and create requalification programmes to facilitate professional integration; decisions and recommendations will only be efficient if they are go from the bottom to the top; the lack of entrepreneurial mindset; the need to modernise the educational system in order to adapt to the changing learning process. In general, efforts need to be made in Spain to improve participation, quality, financing and development of Lifelong Learning, namely by ensuring the efficient use of available resources.