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The LLLPlatform announces its General Assembly 2020

The Lifelong Learning Platform is delighted to announce that it will be holding its 2020 General Assembly on 25 September. The GA will be held in an online format due to the restrictions on meetings and travels, and will see the participation of the whole membership.

Members will gather to discuss the general direction of the LLLP, and will also proceed to the election of four new Steering Committee members. The rotation system has it that three members of the Steering Committee will end their mandate this year, and two more resigned in the last year; the General Assembly will thus be tasked with electing these new representatives, a stated in our statutes and internal rules. Members of the LLLPlatform are currently presenting their applications, with a deadline on 4 September.

The General Assembly will also elect a new President for LLLP, as Luis Costa’s mandate is coming to an end. As our statutes and internal rules state, the new President shall be elected between the Steering Committee members whose mandate has been lasting for at least one year.

During the General Assembly members will be discussing the next cycle of the Erasmus+ programme as well as the LLLP positions on Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies and the role of education in active citizenship. The E&T post-2020 policy developments will be part of the discussions too. Two Working Groups will also take place.

The General Assembly will also be an occasion to vote on and welcome new members in the LLLP family. The LLLPlatform also invites interested organisations to come forward and apply as members of the Platform. If you are interested to become a member of the LLLP and would like to learn more about the procedures and added value, find more info here. Deadline for applications is 25 August 2019.

Please get in touch with the LLLPlatform for any other matter.

ESN Survey 2019

The ESNsurvey 2019 has been officially launched and the topic is transversal to all education actors, as this edition is focused on mobility students and their sense of citizenship in political, civil and social actions.

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How affected are the lives of these students after their exchanges? What is the impact of a mobility experience in students who through the programme have the opportunity to meet new cultures, new friends, live in an international environment? With the questionnaire we aim at understanding the difference between these students and those who never had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme. Our research is going to focus on the impact of the abroad experience in the participation of international students in society. Does going abroad make students more engaged at a political, civil, and social level? What are the particular aspects of active citizenship gained through the abroad experience? Does this have an impact on their opinion about the European Union, as the entity that finances the Erasmus+ Programme? And on their voting behaviour? How do these elements interact with each other?

We would like to ask you to spread the 2019 Questionnaire among your organisations as we have several targets that you can reach:

1)  Current Erasmus+ Higher Education participants
2)  Current Participants of other types of Higher Education mobilities
3)  Alumni of Higher Education exchange programmes

4)  Local students who did not or do not consider an exchange

As we are addressing as well alumni and local students since we aim to assess the eventual effect on the long term of participating on a mobility experience, we would benefit a lot to get as many answers as possible from people that you work with.

The survey is very easy to fill, anonymous though we will ask the participants to leave their email so that we can come back to them after the EP elections and understand if they participated.

The survey can be reached at https://esn.org/survey2019