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National qualifications frameworks (NQF) describe what learners should know, understand and be able to do on the basis of a given qualification. These frameworks also show how learners can move from one qualification, or qualification level, to another within a system. Over 150 countries are now developing, or have developed, a national qualifications framework.

LLL-HUB Updates from Spain

On the 13 of May 2015, 24 national experts participated in the Lifelong Learning Hub regional Forum in Spain, providing concrete policy recommendations for further developments in Lifelong Learning in Spain. Some of the outcomes were the need to simplify administrative procedures for training systems and create requalification programmes to facilitate professional integration; decisions and recommendations will only be efficient if they are go from the bottom to the top; the lack of entrepreneurial mindset; the need to modernise the educational system in order to adapt to the changing learning process. In general, efforts need to be made in Spain to improve participation, quality, financing and development of Lifelong Learning, namely by ensuring the efficient use of available resources.