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Integrating cultural diversity in higher education

After three long and rewarding years of work, the HE4u2 consortium and project coordinators are happy to announce that the HE4u2 project has achieved the targeted objectives and will be officially closed by 31 December 2018. The project had started in January 2016 funded under the Erasmus+ programme, aiming to address the needs of migrant or ethnic minority students via a better integration of cultural diversity into higher education teaching and learning practices.

The HE4u2 project has developed an approach to the intercultural dimension of existing curricula, a generic CPD course for staff to understand how cultural diversity can enhance their work, and a set of policy recommendations focusing on the curricula and the teachers of adults in higher education, who often provide access for disadvantaged groups. All the project outputs are available for free on the project website.

The Final Learning Symposium of the HE4u2 project was celebrated in Barcelona on 15 November 2018, gathering 48 professionals from higher education institutions around Europe and offering different perspectives on the theme of inclusive higher education. The contributions included the inspiring testimony of a Finnish academic of Iraqi origin who had been a refugee and told about the great obstacles she had to overcome to access higher education studies and later become herself a teacher. A full account of the day and all the presentations can be consulted on the event website and on eucen YouTube channel. Another output of the Final Learning Symposium is an article about the HE4u2 project that has been included in the eJournal of ULLL, Vol 2 No 1 (2018) ISSN 2616-6674.

A Moodle version of the CPD course for staff developed by HE4u2 has also been prepared and can be accessed after registering to eucen Moodle platform.