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A new Europass will soon see the light

Following the adoption of the new Europass Decision by the Council and Parliament in May 2018, the European Commission has been working on the revision of the new Europass and is looking to launch it in early 2020. A new Advisory Group has been established with the Member States and stakeholders representatives have been called upon. The Lifelong Learning Platform is happy to announce that, as part of the Advisory Board, it will be represented as well amid the stakeholder representatives and it is tasked to ensure end-users participate in the testing.

The last year has marked many significant signs of progress for the Advisory Group that has finished the revision process. This includes a user-test that was completed in the course of 2019 and is expected to have a second phase in early 2020. The new Europass looks promising with new features to help all European to find a job and study abroad while creating an online portfolio of competences and experiences. We are happy to acknowledge that the progress made by the Advisory Board walks on the same path that LLLP has contributed to trace along the years: to make all learning visible.

The European Qualifications Framework: supporting learning, work and cross-border mobility

In our modern world, people need a higher and broader set of skills to work, communicate, access information, products and services, and take part in social and civic activities.

Under the inputs of civil society and third parties, and upon the thrust of the EU Council revised recommendations on the EQF, the European Commission has now released the revision of the European Qualification Framework for lifelong learning.

We are happy to acknowledge another step forward in the European cooperation, and the peak of an effort that modernises European common reference framework.

Download here the brochure that illustrates the new European Qualification Framework for lifelong learning and the infographics