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A sense of initiative and entrepreneurship that refers to an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. This supports individuals, not only in their everyday lives at home and in society, but also in the workplace in being aware of the context of their work and being able to seize opportunities, and is a foundation for more specific skills and knowledge needed by those establishing or contributing to social or commercial activity.

LLL-HUB Updates Poland

During their stay in Poland, LLL-Hub partners had the chance to participate in the expert debate “Qualifications at the start” which was co-organised by our partner WUP and Krakow Technology Park as part of the Malopolska Day of Lifelong Learning. The debate dealt with three key issues: 1) start-ups and modern business, 2) the role of new technologies (between science and entrepreneurship), 3)  competences and the labour market. Their conclusions, among others, stressed the need for more placements and internships, which support “learning by doing”, based on a strengthened dialogue between companies and educational institutions.

EfVET Annual International Conference 2015

Labour markets are in constant change; demands for a higher skilled and flexible workforce are paramount; employability, entrepreneurship and digital skills are pre-requisites to those seeking to enter the labour market. In several European member states, participation rates in Vocational Education and Training are significant but have the potential to grow more. According to EU research (CEDEFOP 2015) the EU average participation of young people who follow an IVET pathway compared to the more traditional ‘academic’ pathway into employment or Higher Education is 50.4%, with some member states being over 70%  In others rates are relatively low.  What makes the difference – How has the academic / VET divide been addressed? All questions that will be asked during EfVET Annual International Conference 2015 that will take place in Paphos, Cyprus at Azia Hotel, on 21-24 October 2015.