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The term e-learning is a generic expression for all learning involving the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to support both learning and teaching. Its meaning is normally synonymous with ICT-based learning. The term may refer to the use of various technologies and tools to support learning in different contexts, including face-to-face settings and distance learning, separately or in combination, in which case e-learning is usually called blended learning.

EDEN – Education in time of new normal

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic last March, universities worldwide faced the need to move all their classes to an online environment overnight, in order to ensure continuation of their teaching and learning activities. Institutions that had already ventured onto the path of online education realised this transformation much more quickly than those who were less prepared. Others made the transition more modestly, only beginning to take the first steps into online education. In a remarkable short time, courses and exams across the globe moved online, ensuring that universities did not close but rather adapted to the new situation and by doing so managed to save the remainder of the academic year.

Having overcome the initial impact of the pandemic and having moved beyond immediate crisis management, university leaders are now taking the time to reflect on the lessons learned, to set new strategies for the future, and to fully prepare their institutions for the new academic year. Although some continue to hope that students will soon return to classrooms, others see the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst for educational organisations to implement online teaching and learning systematically and to thus offer a better quality of education in this age of the new normal. What are the key leadership decisions that organisational leaders must make in creating their vision for the future? What short-term and long-term strategies are needed? How can leadership ensure a smooth transition to the online setting and create the necessary infrastructure for training teachers, and implementing new teaching methods and redesigned curricula? How can universities manage their transition to online while improving the quality of teaching and learning? These are some of the questions we will be addressing in the first two webinars of the EDEN webinar initiative Education in time of a new normal (September 14 and 21).

Aimed at policy makers and organisational leaders and management, but also for all those working in education, these webinars will provide practical insights and tips from well-known experts, leaders, and practitioners in the field of e-learning and online learning.

Join the sessions and participate in discussions, where you will get the ideas you need to turn your vision for the future into actionable steps. Get the answers you need for smoothly leading your organisation in transforming your curriculum to online and ensuring high quality teaching and learning.

Read more and join the webinars!

EAEA – European e-learning course on basic skills

The European e-learning course on teaching and learning basic skills continues 17th September! You are welcome to join anytime.

The module “Tailor-made offers” (17.9.-15.10) looks at how to offer adults education and training based on mapping their individual needs. Through five sessions focusing on practices in Iceland, Portugal, Sweden, UK and more European countries, different aspects are explored:

– How can tailored-made offers better support adults with a low level of skills?
– How can learning offers be a part of local community development?
We also discuss how adult education policies could be developed to enable more tailored learning opportunities.

Register on the course and get access to webinars at the ae-learning.eu-platform:

You can also follow also our facebook event to get information on sessions and speakers: https://www.facebook.com/events/529047574504316/

The course is part of Erasmus+-funded project Upskilling Pathways in AEPRO https://eaea.org/project/up-aepro/

EAEA European e-training for Adult Educators

ae-proThe AE-Pro project is pleased to announce the launch of ‘European e-training for Adult Educators’, and they would like to invite you to take part. The free training begins on 14 April via the online Adult Education Learning Platform. In case you want to increase your knowledge about adult education in Europe, you lack formal training in adult education, you want to improve your professional skill, or you are interested in the topic in general, you can register now for the free training at www.ae-learning.euThe deadline is 10 April.