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Meeting MEP Verheyen, Chair of the CULT Committee: what will the future hold for lifelong learning?

A delegation from the Lifelong Learning Platform had the pleasure to meet with the new Chair of the CULT Committee, MEP Sabine Verheyen (Germany, EPP). The meeting was a very fruitful discussion, focusing on the future of lifelong learning and the work of the Euroepan Parliament for the coming months. 

MEP Verheyen showed great interest in the activities of the LLLPlatform, including the Lifelong Learning Interest Group of the European Parliament. She praised the work of LLLP and its members for the advancement of lifelong learning policies. 

She showed a particular interest in validation and especially assessment methods. A german led organisation was brought to our attention as a successful practice of new assessment methods. We confirmed that this is a priority for us and that we are currently collecting all existing methods developed. 

While the trialogue is taking up most of the EP efforts, she confirmed that the European Parliament is following with great interest the new dossiers of the newly-elected Commission, to be ready for the legislative process when it happens. We acknowledge with delight that MEP Verheyen is calling herself for closer cooperation between DG EAC and DG EMPL when it comes to education and training: they are one soul and should not stand divided, let alone addressed in different policies. 

The meeting was fruitful and timely: the understanding of each other’s priorities remains crucial in times of uncertainty and until the new Commission takes office. The Lifelong Learning Platform hopes to be working closer and closer with MEPs in the CULT Committee, an essential partner and a precious ally for the advancement of lifelong learning.