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These are the skills needed to live in contemporary society, such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and mathematics.

EAEA – European e-learning course on basic skills

The European e-learning course on teaching and learning basic skills continues 17th September! You are welcome to join anytime.

The module “Tailor-made offers” (17.9.-15.10) looks at how to offer adults education and training based on mapping their individual needs. Through five sessions focusing on practices in Iceland, Portugal, Sweden, UK and more European countries, different aspects are explored:

– How can tailored-made offers better support adults with a low level of skills?
– How can learning offers be a part of local community development?
We also discuss how adult education policies could be developed to enable more tailored learning opportunities.

Register on the course and get access to webinars at the ae-learning.eu-platform:

You can also follow also our facebook event to get information on sessions and speakers: https://www.facebook.com/events/529047574504316/

The course is part of Erasmus+-funded project Upskilling Pathways in AEPRO https://eaea.org/project/up-aepro/