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AEGEE – New Comité Directeur

On July 25th, AEGEE had their usual European Transition cocktail, to say goodbye to the outgoing board and welcome the new one. AEGEE presented all the achievements of the current board and the new board was introduced and their plans for the upcoming year #socialinclusion, #sustainability and #youthmobility are some of the topics in which Comité Directeur 57 would like to work on this year, and it was highlighted a lot of youth mobility, as one of the new board members unfortunately can’t be here with us yet due to visa issues. 

Here are the people part of the new CD57: 

  • President – Daniël Amesz 
  • Secretary-General – Monika Mojak
  • Financial Director – Refik Barış Özçelik
  • External Relations Director – Álvaro González Pérez 
  • Projects Director – Hanna Alajõe
  • Network and Human Resources Director – Oksana Prokopchenko 
  • Communications Director – Batuhan Çarıkçı

We would like to wish good like to the new Comité Directeur 57 in this new adventure! 

11th edition of the EESC Civil Society Prize

The specific objective of the 2019 Civil Society Prize is to reward innovative initiatives carried out on the territory of the EU which aim to raise awareness of and fight for gender equality in the EU. In the context of this prize, gender equality is understood to mean not only equal rights, but also equal opportunities, responsibility, empowerment and participation in all spheres of economic and social life.

Applications are to be made by filling in the online application form before September 6th. Click here for more information on the terms of references and the criteria