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Register for the Lifelong Learning Lab 2023

The 2023 edition of the Lifelong Learning Lab is here!
It is a pleasure for us to announce that the new LLLAB will be held at the Universitat de Girona in Spain, on 26-27 June 2023. Education stakeholders from European and Spanish contexts will come together during two days to stir the new generation of cooperation in education and training through a wide range of topics, ranging from EU cooperation in education and training, to EU decision-making processes, and from civil […]


European Conference: Inter-regional cooperation for better lifelong learning policies – 10 May – Brussels & Online

The Lifelong Learning Platform, with the support of COMORELP project partners, is happy to invite you to the project’s final conference, which will take place in hybrid format, in person in Brussels and online on 10 May (full day). The COMORELP project is about “Collaborative Monitoring of REgional Lifelong learning Policies”.

IN-PERSON: Mundo Madou, Av. des Arts 7/8, 1210 Brussels

For three-years, the 7 partners – two universities, two companies, two EUNGOs and one […]


LLLP announces its 2023 General Assembly

For 2023, LLLP’s General Assembly will take place on Tuesday 27 June and Wednesday 28 June 2023 in the University of Girona, Spain. This year’s edition will be held back to back with the Lifelong Learning Lab. 
The annual General Assembly performs as one of the key moments in which members, the Secretariat and the Steering Committee can meet and collectively discuss the general direction and priorities of the organisation. 
As outlined in our statutes and internal rules, the rotation system […]


EU Policy Lab – Webinar – “Inspiring practices of lifelong learning regional policies” – 29 March

In the first EU Policy Lab webinar, there will be a presentation about the Malopolska lifelong learning partnership (MPKU) by Magdalena Tarnowska-Torbus from WUP – Labour office in Krakow, Region of Malopolska (Poland). The partnership was created in 2008 and involves over 100 institutional stakeholders in cooperation and transforming the field of adult education within the region. In this webinar, you will hear about how it works and its achievements. The presentation will be followed by a short panel discussion with two other […]


Skills, lifelong learning and democracy workshop during the EESC Civil Society Days 2023

The EESC Civil Society Days 2023 featured three days of debates and exchanges around the link between civil society organisations and democracy, and the need to ensure an active, engaged participation to face the current societal challenges. 
LLLP, alongside the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) and Cooperatives Europe hosted the workshop “Skills and Lifelong Learning for Democratic Societies” to highlight how the life course perspective, education, training and transversal skills are the way forward for […]


Joint Policy Brief – “Investing in our Future: Seven EU economic governance reforms”

Finance Watch co-published a civil society briefing on how to ensure a reformed European economic governance framework supports the EU’s goals and helps tackling Europe’s multiple crises.
Europe faces serious economic, environmental and social challenges that require reforms and investment. But EU actions to tackle these challenges are constrained by Europe’s own economic governance framework, which has grown overly complex and out of date over the years. The Fiscal Matters coalition, a group of NGOs, unions and think tanks of which […]


Social and professional future of young people in post-Covid Europe

This study is the result of research, led by Caritas Italiana, Caritas Europa and Don Bosco International in examining the situation for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those not in education, employment, or training (NEETs) to transition from schooling into the labour market and to examine the significance of apprenticeships and Vocational Education Trainings (VETs) in supporting this transition and contributing to reducing school dropouts. The findings are based on an analysis of over 375 surveys completed by young […]


Social goals for the European Green Deal: How can we ensure a just transition?

The document was developed in the framework of the European Alliance for a Just Transition, an informal coalition of like-minded European stakeholders. It provides a value-based framework for the EGD and all other strategies on climate and environment in Europe. It highlights a number of social goals that should underpin all decisions around the green transition to ensure that it is just and inclusive.
In addition, it provides a list of questions that allows the reader to verify whether a […]



While many believe all students should be taught equitably, in practice there are many barriers to achieving this goal, especially when it comes to inclusive Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (STEM) learning environments. When considering such STEM environments, inclusiveness does not only refer to the education of students with disabilities, but also to those who are underrepresented in STEM due to ethnicity, gender or any other vulnerability factor. Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, organised an online Science […]