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Save the date for the VET Week 2016 / 5-9 December 2016

Vocational education and training (VET) is evolving in exciting ways all across Europe. The European Commission organises the first European Vocational Skills Week on 5-9 December in Brussels, to inspire people to discover and use their talent through vocational training. The aim is to showcase high-quality VET programmes as a stepping stone to fulfilling careers, and ultimately, to help make sure that people have the skills they need in a fast-changing labour market. Events will take place across Europe – in Member States, EFTA and EU Candidate countries – demonstrating the critical role of VET in supporting skills, jobs, innovation and competitiveness. The European Vocational Skills Week, in which the LLLPlatform will be taking part as stakeholder, is coordinated by the European Commission, with the strong involvement and support from Cedefop and the European Training Foundation.

This occasion will feature various events organised by the LLLPlatform, namely the LLLPlatform Validation TaskForce on 5 December, and the Project Development Day co-organised with the ReSet Network.