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Validation of learning outcomes

policydebate-valid-15-1We are what we do, and yet, only part of what we do is recognised by others, namely employers and formal education institutions. But how many young people and adults engage in non-formal and informal learning processes? How many volunteer? How much do these activities add not only to their competences and skills, but also to their personalities? And in spite of the huge benefits such activities produce, quid of their recognition and validation? These were the questions asked during the policy debate EUCIS-LLL hosted together with the European Youth Forum on 9 July. The European Union has developed several initiatives in order to support individuals’ mobility and the recognition of their qualifications and competences which are still little known. We also observe a resistance to recognise learning that is taking place outside a classroom. To bridge the gaps, participants stressed that awareness-raising campaigns on validation and cooperation and trust between formal and non-formal education actors were key-factors of success.

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