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EU frameworks

The European Union has developed several frameworks for education. The most famous ones are the European Qualifications Framework, the Europass, the European Key Competences Framework, and the ECTS and ECVET credit systems. Other tools are being developed such as ESCO that may influence policy reforms in the countries.

The LLLP calls for an increased simplification and coherence between recognition and transparency tools in order to make them more user-friendly to learners. A coherent terminology should be used; the 2006 European Key Competences Framework being a reference document. Therefore it looks forward to the adoption of the Skills Agenda that calls for its revision and broader use.

The Platform also stresses the need for a more coherent political approach translated at implementation level by the creation of more bridges and complementarities between the various recognition and transparency tools. The aim of those frameworks should be to build a European area of lifelong learning.

The LLLPlatform is a member of the EQF Advisory Group that monitors the implementation of EQF and Validation mechanisms in Europe. It is also a member of the Thematic working group on digital skills that works on a competence framework.


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