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Skills and qualifications

Many Member States have adopted national/regional lifelong learning strategies linked to important reforms such as the development and referencing of their national qualifications frameworks to the European one (“EQF”) and the adoption of the EU Council Recommendation on the validation on non-formal and informal learning in 2012. Nevertheless, implementation of comprehensive lifelong learning strategies remains a challenge in Europe; today only a half of the Member States are reported to have one in place. Even if they are adopted, policies supporting lifelong learning remain difficult to implement as they combine various administrations, tools and policies.

Indeed, implementing such strategies requires a strong political will to coordinate political instruments, such as the coordinated provision of lifelong guidance. It also requires, as the LLL-HUB project shows, working in partnership between educational, social and employment sectors and between policy-makers and civil society organisations and other stakeholders. The LLL Platform therefore calls for the setting up of coordination mechanisms and dialogue platforms at local, regional, national and European levels.

In this section are particularly highlighted the following elements: