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Transparency is a central issue when it comes to negotiating new EU policies in various policy areas such as education and learning. Especially in the context of the closed-doors negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US, the Lifelong Learning Platform and other civil society organisations have raised concerns about a lack of transparency in European policy making. As education and training might be affected by these negotiations, the Platform calls for a better transparency and the inclusion of civil society in the negotiations.

This is also the case of consultations – together with impact assessments, evaluations and expertise. They help taking decisions that respect principles of proportionality and subsidiarity and that are based on evidence, practices and views of those affected by the policies and involved in their implementation. The Commission consults widely, at each stage of the policy cycle, respecting principles of openness and transparency and following minimum standards, which are generally acknowledged as appropriate and respond to international best practice. The Platform has called for transparency in consultation processes. It is registered in the Transparency Register of the EU.


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