Lifelong Learning Platform | LLLP - European Civil Society for Education

EU Cooperation in Education

The Lifelong Learning Platform aims to build a citizen’s voice on education and training issues through participative democracy – but also to ensure that active citizenship and social inclusion are among the main motives of European policy-makers while designing and implementing lifelong learning strategies. The Platform believes that education and training is key to democratic and civic participation, at the national, European and International level.

As the Lifelong Learning Platform promotes a broad approach to learning that encompasses different levels and sectors of education and training, it works with various EU policies and programmes. The particularly follows the Europe 2020 (EU2020) and the Education and Training 2020 (ET2020) strategies. The Platform is involved in EU expert groups (e.g. thematic working groups) and contributes to related policy processes by sharing its views with decision-makers. It is also an active partner of DG EAC annual Education, Training and Youth Forum. The LLLPlatform strongly believes and promotes the need for a structured dialogue between decision-makers and civil society organisations in education.