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Making the Case of European Civic Education

EUCIS-LLL and the European Civic Forum organised a round table on “Making the case for European Civic Education” during the Lifelong Learning Week –  4 December (9’00-12’00).

We believe that the current economic downturn poses a serious challenge to fundamental rights and democratic citizenship through rising unemployment, shrinking public spending and raising xenophobia and populism. Popular support for the European project has dramatically decreased over the last years, whereas European issues are increasingly piercing the public sphere and discourses all over Europe. This paradox of political disenchantment requires more work than ever on democratic values and standards which underpin the European building process. Should this be priority of the EU? Are teachers, educators and civil society organisations equipped to “teach European citizenship” and build active, informed and responsible citizenry in the context of rapidly changing social, political and economic environments? What is the role of non-formal education providers and EU organisations? Should we have a common module on EU citizenship in our schools?

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