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Social cohesion? It is the love of one’s neighbour

The story of the creation of the Coalition of Humanitarian Associations of Medenine is the story of a migrant who has been living in this region for more than twenty years, Abdallah Saïd, originally from the Republic of Chad, married to a Tunisian and father of a daughter, has worked at the Regional Health Directorate in Medenine since May 1994. During the Libyan crisis of 2011, the post-revolutionary situation in Tunisia, combined with the failures departures at sea, Abdallah noticed that the Medenine region has become a real migratory crossroads where several migrants settle there like him who had come for 6 months and more than twenty years have already passed. Within the regional rehabilitation unit where he works, he met several migrant women who had come to ask for medical, food, psychological or other support. Being active in civil society and president of the children of the moon association, the idea came to him to create a structure bringing together several associations to help his migrant brothers who find themselves in a very precarious situation. It was from there that he created, with the support of his friends, the coalition of humanitarian associations of Medenine. This Coalition is made up of 8 associations. They have created a space consisting of training workshops in sewing, aluminum carpentry, hairdressing, baking, language learning and the latest, an inclusive kindergarten that welcomes migrant children and poor and vulnerable Tunisian children.

The number of its migrants and vulnerable people has increased due to the unstable situation in Libya and Tunisia as well as the pandemic situation due to Covid19. This is why it is urgent and important for our team to consolidate our workshops by proposing the installation of a production unit through the rehabilitation of 4 rooms as well as the necessary equipment and sufficient raw materials for production. This will allow us to carry out income-generating activities. Dignified and rewarding work allows better social cohesion and better socio-economic inclusion.

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