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EC Communication on Supporting the prevention of radicalisation

On 14 June, the European Commission issued a new Communication,indicating ways to prevent radicalisation which leads to violent extremism and terrorism. The Communication rightly addresses the need to prevent our citizens ending up on the margins of society and embracing violent behaviours and ideologies, and tackling the hatred that is spreading within an increasing group of our citizens. The LLL-P welcomes the emphasis placed on the importance of combating hate speech and teaching media literacy, empowering civil society, working with communities, supporting educators and educational institutions, youth work and promoting common values and inclusive education. Indeed, inclusive educational policies, together with social and employment policies, play a crucial role in tackling root causes of violent radicalisation – growing inequalities, social exclusion and a lack of a sense of belonging, as equitable educational systems to some extent neutralise the effects of broader social and economic inequalities. It is high time to act – promoting inclusive, welcoming opportunities for all and investing in lifelong learning opportunities cost considerably less than dealing with a wide range of problems linked to poverty, social exclusion, hate crimes and violent behaviours! Read our position paper on Education to Foster Intercultural Understanding and Solidarity.