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Funding of education

The LLLPlatform has repeatedly stressed the implementation gap that exists between the recommendations set in the framework of the European Semester and the decisions made by Member States. Indeed, despite calls to protect or promote longer-term investment in education and to invest in the modernisation of education and training systems, including lifelong learning, public spending in education has decreased in most Member States in the last years. There is a clear lack of coherence that hinders the whole process and the trust of citizens and civil society organisations alike.

The Lifelong Learning Platform strongly believes that education is a public good and a human right and, as such, cannot be treated as an economic good. Education enables access to education that serves multiple purposes, such as promoting active citizenship, democracy and social inclusion, and providing skills and competences needed on the job market, therefore contributing to economic growth. Europe has a strong need to invest in education and to clearly push for a common framework for quality education.

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