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Tackling Early Leaving from Education in Europe

Young people who leave education and training early are often both socially and economically disadvantaged compared to those who stay on and gain the necessary qualifications to help them succeed in life. It is clear that early leaving represents a complex challenge at individual, national and European levels. This joint Eurydice / Cedefop report report looks at the subject from different angles, providing an overview of some of the main issues involved. It highlights the high costs for society of students leaving education and training early as well as the consequences for the individual. A higher level of education, on the other hand, can lead to a series of positive outcomes for the individual as well as society related to employment, higher salaries, better health, less crime, higher social cohesion, lower public and social costs and higher productivity and growth. EUCIS-LLL welcomes the report, which could be of good use in further addressing and tackling the issue of early-school leaving in Europe.