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Slovakian Presidency of the Council of the EU: what priorities in education?

On 1 July 2016, the Slovak Republic took over from the Netherlands in thePresidency of the Council of the EU. The Programme of the Slovak Predidency is based on four priorities: an economically strong Europe, a modern single market, a sustainable migration and asylum policies and a globally engaged Europe. In the education sector, the priorities of the Slovak Presidency follow the objectives of the New Skills Agenda for Europe. As regards the negotiations on a Council Recommendation on establishing a skills guarantee, the Slovak Presidency aims to increase the level of adult education, including digital, entrepreneurial and transversal skills. In the context of the revision of the Recommendation on the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning, the Slovak Presidency will focus on developing tools and services for skills and qualifications and on improving their comparability. It will also address the modernisation of higher education and digital skills. Further to theCommission communication on supporting the prevention of radicalisation leading to violent extremism, the Slovak Presidency will prepare Council conclusions highlighting the role of education and youth work in preventing radicalisation and extremism.