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Upgrading Europass: Better Services for Skills and Qualifications

The first discussions on the Europass Framework revision by the CULT Committee in the European Parliament took place on 27 February. Despite having undergone several improvements since its launch, the Europass framework still faces major challenges regarding its tools and services due to recent technical, educational and labour market developments. The European Commission’s proposal would revise the Europass tools (and repeal Decision 2241/2004/EC). The objective is to ensure the realisation of the tools’ full potential and to update them so that they meet ever-shifting requirements (for instance, the increasing role of non-formal skills and digitalisation). It also aims to raise public awareness and to ensure better synergies with other online tools in the same domain, in order to allow matching, reuse and integration of data. The proposal, based on two evaluations, includes four different scenarios. In the European Parliament, the topic will be discussed in the Culture and Education Committee.