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A New Europass Framework: increasing visibility of skills and qualifications

As part of the “New Skills Agenda for Europe” policy implementation, the European Commission adopted on 4 October a proposal to revise the Europass Decision. With this revision, the Commission aims to simplify and modernise these tools for the digital age and to add a new feature using big data to map and anticipate labour market trends and skills needs. The new Europass Framework will build upon this successful formula with easy to use tools to help people identify and communicate their skills and qualifications in all EU languages. These include: an improved online tool for creating CVs and skills profiles; free self-assessment tools to help you evaluate your skills; tailored information on learning opportunities across Europe; information and support to help you get your qualifications recognised; labour market intelligence about what skills are most in demand and where. Read the LLLPlatform’s position on the New Skills Agenda for Europe.