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LLLP Guidebook to EU Decision-Making in Education

All you need to understand the decision-making process in the European Union on the topic of Education and Training is right here! European integration appears sometimes technocratic, in the hands of distant institutions, which are asked to manage macroeconomic policies which benefits are not always immediately clear to the general public. The LLL-P Guidebook is a concrete tool to empower educators and learners over Europe to have their say in their future. The Lifelong Learning Platform strongly believes in civil dialogue and in the importance of civil society in contributing to shape the future of learning in Europe. Read and download the latest version of our Guidebook to EU Decision-Making in Education and Training, 2016.

The Lifelong Learning Platform first published this guidebook in 2016: a few things have changed since then, as the EU is an ever-transforming organism. Stay tuned, for updates are coming shortly!