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CULT Committee: Exchange of views with Commissioner Navracsics and 2017 priorities

On 5 December, the CULT Committee in the Parliament organised an exchange of views between MEPs and Commissioner Navracsics. The Commissioner announced that main topics in education for next year will be high quality inclusive school education and modernisation of higher education. The Commissioner also announced the European Solidarity Corps. Several MEPs expressed their lack of understanding about the link with the EVS and their dissatisfaction with the fact that from the announced 50 million Euros increase in the budget of Erasmus+ for 2017, 20 million will go to the Solidarity Corps. The MEPs said that the additional funds should be spent in order to strengthen already existing initiatives, as for example we already have so many rejected good quality projects. Commissioner Navracsics explained that short term, money will be directed from EASI, EURES and Europe for Citizens as well, and in the medium-term it will get its legal basis and its own budget line. Thanks to advocacy efforts of the Erasmus+ Coalition a number of observations and recommendations were formulated, especially with regard to the future implementation and second cycle of the programme (the need for improved visibility, simplification, cross-sectoral cooperation, a budgetary increase and the participation of civil society and smaller organisations).