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Digital wave: supporting a cultural shift in learning systems?

The debate on harnessing the potential of ICT for education and training has become more and more vivid. In 2013 a new Commission Communication on “Opening Up Education” has been made public, echoing the commitments made in the Digital Agenda. After the launch of the Open Education Europa portal, many actions are to be undertaken in 2014 to concretise EU recommendations in the field of digital learning. It is now up to Member States to show political will and relay the European impulse through genuine national policies in line with the modernisation of our education and training systems. EUCIS-LLL considers that digital access can contribute to pedagogic innovation and this is a priority in its Manifesto for the European elections. It gives a warm welcome to a European integrated approach; but despite the collective enthusiasm about the opportunities offered by new technologies for education, several key questions are still pending. This event is meant to take stock of the recent European policy developments and deepen the reflection on the direction they should take in 2014 onwards.

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