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Consultation on the European Charter on Quality in Learning Mobility in the Youth Field

As learning mobility is increasingly being employed as a pedagogical tool both in formal and non-formal contexts, issues of quality become a more pressing concern than before. And for a good reason: good quality in learning mobility will ensure that outcomes be optimised and that processes of recognition be facilitated. Moreover, there is a – sometimes very direct – correlation between quality and quantity: the more we know about quality and how to achieve it, the more confident and effective we can be in our efforts to reach out and offer a mobility experience as a meaningful opportunity to all young people, and not just to the most privileged and resourceful. With a mandate from the Steering Group of the European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM), the Council of Europe and the European Commission have coordinated a process that has led to a draft Charter on Quality in Learning Mobility as part of a Quality Framework on Learning Mobility in the Youth Field. Stakeholders are invited to participate in a public consultation, open until 10 November 2016.