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European Commission registers “More than Education” European Citizens’ Initiative

On 7 June, The European Commission registered a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) inviting the Commission to propose “a set of incentive measures, including support and monitoring, to develop citizenship education in curricula on all levels of formal education throughout Europe, aimed at shaping democratic citizens”. This registration starts a one-year process of collection of signatures in support of the proposed European Citizens’ Initiative by its organisers. The initiative “More than Education” is based on the observation that throughout Europe, there is an insufficient and incoherent teaching of essential civic competences, i.e. the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed to act as a responsible, active and democratic citizen. Education plays an important role in developing the individual’s understanding of how the world works and the ability to critically evaluate that. Education in Europe is at the moment is very divided, which creates a diverging understanding of our society. Coordination of education is essential for the cohesion and stability of our society. Therefore, teaching civic competences should be strengthened and coordinated throughout Europe. If you support these ideas, support the initiative!