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Council of Europe: Parliamentarians back education for democracy

Education systems should be reviewed to promote inclusive education and help ensure that school pupils become responsible, active citizens, with critical thinking skills, who are able to live in our diverse societies and uphold democratic values, according to parliamentarians. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe calls on member, observer and partner States to review their education systems (Resolution 2091, 2016), and invites the Committee of Ministers to give more priority to education to democratic citizenship (Recommendation 2084, 2016). The adopted texts call, in particular, for measures to detect the dissemination of violent extremist propaganda on the Internet, for due attention to be paid to the education of religious leaders in accordance with democratic values, and for emphasis to be given to the prevention of radicalisation in prisons. The Assembly also calls for enhanced international cooperation between national and local authorities and specialised agencies with a view to sharing relevant information, experiences and good practice.