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Webinar series: Valuing competences in volunteering!

Join us for these series of Webinars on Valuing competences in volunteering!

The Lifelong Learning Platform with the support of ImproVal project partners invites you to a series of three webinars on the topic of learning new skills in volunteering and validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL).

Volunteers develop competences through their experience that are essential for their personal and professional development. Volunteering is one of the various environments where non-formal and informal learning happens, hence it is crucial to support volunteers in valuing the competences that they acquire. The health and economic crisis calls for more transversal skills, adaptability, problem solving, sense of initiative, and online group facilitation. In the current context, those skill sets are put into test to cope with new challenges (lock down, social distancing, slowdown of economic and social activities, travel restrictions). What are the lessons learned that we can use in our daily work to improve competence development and validation in volunteering?  

Webinar 1: Volunteering in time of crisis: what lessons learned? 

>>> 16 June – 10.30-11.30

Webinar 2: Discussion on European initiatives for VNFIL in volunteering 

>>> 16 June – 11.45-13.00

Webinar 3: VNFIL policies and volunteering: what can policy-makers do? 

>>>  22 June – 15.30-16.30

The Webinars will take place on Zoom. Registrations are compulsory. Following your registration, you will be sent the Zoom link to access the Webinars.


In the first webinar “Volunteering in time of crisis: what lessons learned?”, we will hear about volunteers and volunteer-based organisations on how they cope with the new challenging situation. Volunteers will be invited to give testimonies on how they managed to adapt to a new form of volunteering using new skills. Voluntary organisations representatives will tell us about what they learned in this experience and share inspiring initiatives that are currently taking place at local and national levels. 

In the second webinar on “European initiatives for VNFIL in volunteering”, LLLP and other organisations will be invited to present diverse initiatives that aim to improve the validation of competences in volunteering. European experts will present innovative tools that can help volunteers and volunteering organisations to identify, document, assess and certify volunteers’ newly acquired competences. 

In the third webinar on “VNFIL policies and volunteering: what can policy-makers do?”, VNFIL policy experts including policy-makers from the EU institutions and European organisations will discuss the policy context regarding VNFIL in volunteering and provide live comments on a set of policy recommendations that are currently being developed. The recommendations will be shared to participants prior to the meeting and will be discussed openly with participants. 

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