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The Portuguese Presidency – Priorities in education and training

As of January 1st, we entered the six months of Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Given the extraordinary times we are living in, the priorities of the Presidency will inevitably focus on resilience and recovery, but education and training are said to be playing a major role.

The Portuguese Presidency will work on the following general priorities:

  • To promote Europe’s recovery, leveraged by the climate and digital transitions
  • To implement the Social Pillar of the European Union as a key element for ensuring a fair and inclusive climate and digital transition
  • To strengthen Europe’s strategic autonomy keeping it open to the world

These priorities will be pursued along five lines of action:

  1. Resilient Europe: Promote Europe’s recovery, cohesion and values
  2. Green Europe: Promoting the EU as a leader in climate action
  3. Digital Europe: Accelerate digital transformation in the service of citizens and enterprises
  4. Social Europe: Promote and strengthen the European social model
  5. Global Europe: Promote Europe’s openness to the world

Along these lines of action, the Portuguese Presidency is said to have set the following headings, among others, for its actions in education and training:

  • A New European Strategic Framework for Cooperation in Education and Training for 2030
  • European University Initiative and Higher Education transformation agenda
  • Equity, inclusion and educational success for all in education and training

More detailed information is available on the Portuguese Presidency’s website.