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The LLL-P calls for ensuring access to education for refugees – #World Refugee Day

There is certainly not enough investment in the response that brings hope: education. Refugee children and adolescents are five times more likely than their non-refugee peers to not have access to education. On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, the LLL-P would like to remind that education is a public good and a human right, and that access to inclusive, equitable and good quality educational opportunities and assistance for all learners of any age must be ensured. Indeed, they are a precondition for social inclusion and protection, full participation in social and civic spheres of life, long-term integration into the labour market and prevention of exploitation. The LLL-P calls upon all relevant actors to take every measure to mobilise resources and find smart solutions to guarantee the access of refugees to education, which contributes to facilitating their socio-economic integration in host societies. Promoting non-segregated and welcoming learning environments and opportunities for all is of paramount importance in breaking obstacles to building a truly cohesive social fabric!