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Research on employers’ needs and assessment methods and tools

great As part of the GR-EAT project EUCIS-LLL has, in collaboration with the project partners Bureau Européen du Scoutisme (WOSM) and Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU), just finalised some research on assessment methods and tools which have been developed in the field of lifelong learning. In order to find out about employers’ needs and expectations regarding the recognition of non-formal and informal learning taking place within youth organisations, do not forget that you can answer our survey until 30 April!

Recently, EUCIS-LLL conducted research on existing publications related to the needs from employers as regard to the competences of young people. In the meantime, our partner, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) worked on a study report to identify the expectations and needs from formal education stakeholders regarding non-Formal and informal learning. Moreover, EUCIS-LLL did some research on the quality assurance of assessment methods of non-formal and informal learning in order to tackle the challenging and unexplored issues of assessment. EUCIS-LLL analysed the strengths and the challenges of each tool and was able to collect and point out existing challenges in the field of assessment of NFIL while YEU gathered existing assessment methods which have been used within youth-led organisations. WOSM, for its part, will further develop research on existing tools. In this context, EUCIS-LLL launched a survey on the recognition of volunteers’ competences by employers which is open until 30 April 2015. The final outcome will be to develop guidelines for youth organisations and produce policy recommendations to improve the recognition of volunteering.

GR-EAT (2014-2016) aims to propose a comprehensive tool for the implementation of recognition systems and contribute to the overall advocacy process toward the recognition of non-formal and informal learning taking place within youth organisation.

Led by AEGEE Europe, EUCIS-LLL is one of the six partners, along with VUB, YEU, WOSM and La Ligue de l’enseignement.