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Report on EUCIS-LLL event on learning and digital technologies

On 4 March EUCIS-LLL held a public hearing in the European Parliament entitled “Digital wave: supporting a cultural shift in learning systems” following up on the release of the Commission’s Communication on Opening Up Education. European Commission representatives, Members of Parliament, civil society thinkers, social partners and other key stakeholders gathered to reflect upon the stakes of the new digital era in the field of education and training. The general report of the event, now available, notably highlights that even though all parties agree on the direction to take to face the technological revolution, consensus has to be found on cost-effective measures to implement this political will based on a comprehensive approach covering the various sectors. Mainstreaming innovative projects, activating educators and leaders and supporting peer learning are key levers in that sense. See also EUCIS-LLL other actions on “Opening Up Education” and register for the discussion “ICT for growth and jobs: Norwegian and Belgian perspectives” held on 17 September in Brussels by the mission of Norway to the EU and ICT federal public services in Belgium.