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Raising awareness on digital identity implications via adult education

DIGIT is a European project (2017-2019) coordinated by the Polish company INnCREASE. LLLP is one of the 7 partners based in 7 EU countries. The project addresses the topical and timely issue of digital identity and footprint under the perspective of adult education.

On April, 16-17th 2019, DIGIT partners met in the city of Katerini, Greece to discuss the final stretch of the project and the remaining activities to be implemented until the end of the project (October 2019). It is the 4th meeting of the partnership (see article on the previous meeting in Reus here) and the conclusions are that the next months will be busy for everyone, with the implementation of pilots, the organisation of events in partner countries, the writing of policy recommendations and the preparation of the project final conference taking place in October 2019 in Brussels.

One of the main coming activities is the launch of the training programme, set for May-June, available on the online platform (Moodle). Every partner will pilot the training programme with 5 educators involving at least 25 adult learners in their countries. The pilots are meant to assess the quality and relevance of the training programme and its thematic modules for adult learners with the aim of raising their awareness on digital footprint topics. Each partner – except LLLP – will organise an event in its country, i.e Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain to promote the pilots and project results between May and June.

During summer, LLLP will be preparing policy recommendations on how can stakeholders, especially in adult education, better raise awareness about digital footprint-related issues. The recommendations will be presented at the final conference.

The last point of discussion was the final event of the project that LLLP is co-organising with Dlearn and with the support of DIGIT partners. The “European conference on digital footprint” will take place on October 24th, in Brussels. Not only will it be the occasion to present the final outcomes of the project to a large audience, but will include high-level policy talks on the topic, the presentation of Dlearn’s survey, and workshops to showcase inspiring practices in the digital and educational fields while encouraging networking and partnerships between different stakeholders. The “Save the date” and more information will follow in the next weeks.

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