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Policy Debate on Measuring progress in lifelong learning: General Report available!

cover-eucis-lll-reportEUCIS-LLL organised an international seminar on “Measuring progress in Lifelong Learning” on 5 December in the framework of its Lifelong Learning Week. The EU has set ambitious goals for lifelong learning as a vector for growth, competitiveness and jobs, but are those really a progress? Empirical evidence has shown that correlating education and growth can be hazardous, especially if only education quantity (attainment levels) is measured rather than quality (learning outcomes). European citizens live dismal times of crisis and the debate on renewed prosperity, social cohesion and well-being has never been that vivid. This leads to reflect on what is quality lifelong learning, that is often perceived as improving learning settings (better infrastructures, more qualified teachers) rather than improving learning as such, which is by far more challenging. This seminar was about rethinking progress measurement in lifelong learning in a partnership approach, as citizens’ voice should count in defining what is advanced education and how to make it happen. Check  EUCIS-LLL General Report.